Welcome to our Bible Believing Baptist Church, a sanctuary of faith, love, and legacy! Rooted in the unwavering truths of Scripture, our church is a thriving community dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on both the present and the generations to come. Our central theme is "Leaving a Legacy," a guiding principle that shapes every aspect of our worship, fellowship, and service. As believers, we draw strength from the timeless teachings of Christ, embracing His message of love, compassion, and grace. With open hearts and open arms, we come together to uplift one another, providing a safe haven of encouragement and support for all who seek solace on their spiritual journey. Whether you're a seasoned traveler in faith or just starting to explore, you'll find a welcoming family here, ready to share in the boundless love of God and committed to creating a legacy of faith that echoes through eternity.

"A Place of Encouragement and Love"
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Gathering Times

Sunday's at Woodlake
Sunday School
9:45 am
 10:45 am
Wednesday at Woodlake
5:30 pm
Prayer Time
 6:00 pm
Bible Study
6:30 pm