From our Shepard

Dear Friend,
I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you the passion that I have for Woodlake Baptist Church. We are located  approximately 1 mile east of Walnut Grove on Hwy 138 (between Walnut Grove and Monroe) .
The people of Woodlake are warm, kind and love to hear God’s word preached.  Our services are filled with God’s presence and joy abounding.  Expository preaching, music that honors God, and a message that refreshes the heart, will all be present at each service.  The people of Woodlake seek to bring glory to God by using the ministries God has given us to maintain a place of encouragement and love. 
We desire to Leave a Legacy for those who follow in our footsteps so as to provide a foundation for the Christian doctrines we hold dear.
Leaving a Legacy,
Pastor Jerry Grey





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